Noraini Cookies Worldwide Sdn Bhd (648344-T)

Noraini Cookies Worldwide Sdn Bhd produces premium cookies, specializing in manufacturing homemade recipe festive cookies. There are huge potential market within that desire high-quality, stylish traditional goods.

It is the firm's intention to produce and market its products to the rest of the world and make Noraini's Cookies the number one selling premium homemade recipe cookies in Malaysia. To do this the company's long term goals are to achieve high standard quality control, build brand image and brand equity through effective marketing, achieve sustainable supplies to the market and to produce dozens types of cookies in order to cover various market segment.

Noraini Cookies Worldwide Sdn Bhd is a privately-held Malaysian corporation. Production takes place in Shah Alam. Currently, sales and marketing are focused on hypermarkets and supermarkets in Malaysia. Now we can find Noraini's products in almost every Hypermarket and Supermarket (Tesco, Jaya Jusco, Giant, Carrefour, Bintang, Mydin, Uda Ocean and others). At the same time, Noraini's products are sold in Dubai, Vietnam, Singapore and United Kingdom.

The company produces up to 15 types of custom made festive cookies which are guaranteed to be homemade quality recipes.

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