Noraini Enterprise Sdn Bhd

Noraini Enterprise Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 14th December 1994. At the beginning, the company produces varieties of cookies. Noraini’s Fresh Baked cookies is well known brand for its quality and is one of the largest Muslim’s company that produces cookies for Aidilfitri celebration.

In year 2000, the first Noraini’s Fresh Baked kiosk was opened (Plaza Angsana, Johor Bharu). It serves varieties of traditional Malay delicacies and everything is freshly baked. Bahulu is the most wanted product produced by the Noraini’s Fresh Baked. Now, we also bake fresh premium cookies all year round.

Noraini’s Fresh Baked
A kiosk serves varieties of Malaysian traditional food such as the famous Noraini’s, tapioca chips, bahulu, biscuits, banana cakes and others. Everything is freshly baked at the premise so everyone can enjoy the making of their favorite’s food and can have it fresh.

Noraini’s Laksa Paradise
One Stop Laksa Shop café is a concept where you can have varieties of noodles and laksa from every corner states of Malaysia. Laksa is a traditional Malay delicacies which is made from rice noodles and served with fish gravy. Similar as fast food restaurant it’s a great family gathering place.

Noraini’s Noodles
To make sure our traditional food can have a wide distributions, Noraini’s Noodles is an idea to sell Laksa at any food court in Hyper and Supermarkets in Malaysia. With a very low cost to open one, it is suitable for new entrepreneurs.

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